The Best Ways to Incorporate CBD Into Your Skincare Routine

Guest Post by Katherine Heinze – Esthetician and Founder of scrub me™

As an esthetician, I always like to deep dive into my skincare ingredients before making a decision about whether I would recommend them to my clients or not.  After some time of testing and researching CBD skincare, I was delighted to find that I loved the results of these items.  CBD skincare has become a staple in my treatment room as well as my own skincare routine.  I have found these items beneficial for helping treat very dry skin, breakouts, and red/sensitive skin.  Since CBD is still fairly new in the skincare industry there is still more scientific research to be done.  There have been many promising articles and studies about topical CBD, including a 2019 article from the National Library of Medicine that concludes the topical application of CBD is safe and effective for improving the quality of skin disorders, especially ones of inflammatory background.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate CBD skincare items into your at-home skincare routine.  If you’re unsure about your current skincare routine take my How good is your skincare routine?” quiz! 

CBD for Rough/Dry Skin

CBD Creamy Facial Cleanser

Dry and rough skin can’t afford to be stripped of its natural oils or have its barrier thrown off balance during the cleansing phase of your skincare routine.  This is why a creamy cleanser with added CBD, like the Essential cleanser, is something I would recommend to someone who is experiencing very dry skin.  The combination of the CBD and gentle cream cleanser creates a soothing, yet effective facial wash.  This can be used for both AM and PM.

CBD Facial Toner

Toners are such a great item for everyone to have in their skincare routine but certain types can be especially great for treating dry skin.  A non-astringent toner, meaning a toner without witch hazel, willow bark, or salicylic acid, is so helpful for adding hydration to dry skin.  This type of toner with the added soothing benefits of CBD is really great for helping to balance and soften the skin.  The Essential toner should be applied to your face after cleansing and/or exfoliating.  Pat the toner into your skin and leave your skin a little bit damp for applying serums and moisturizer; this will help bind more hydration into your skin.    

CBD Facial Lotion

For dry skin types, it’s all about retaining the hydration and keeping the barrier balanced.  Dry skin can also oftentimes feel tight, itchy, and in need of some relief.  This is why I often suggest dry/rough skin types having a CBD-infused facial lotion, like the Essential lotion, in their skincare routine.  Using this soothing, hydrating, and moisture-infusing skincare item as the last step in your PM skincare routine will make your dry skin very soft and happy!

Find more tips for keeping your skin moisturized in my “Easy tips to keep skin moisturized in winter” blog post.

CBD for Breakouts and Maskne

Maskne, meaning breakouts and congestion caused by wearing protective PPE is a new skincare term that started back at the beginning of 2020.  I get so many clients coming in to treat their new maskne breakouts.  Find out more on this topic in my blog post “Tips to fighting new congestion from masks.”

CBD Facial Mask

When treating blemishes, larger breakouts, or certain areas of congestion I like to use a clay mask as a spot treatment.  Applying the mask to only target areas where you have breakouts or congestion will allow you to be able to leave the mask on for longer amounts of time.  In my experience using a clay mask with added CBD like the Essential Masque can help detoxify and alleviate redness in breakouts.  A suggest spot treating maskne or breakouts with this clay mask and letting it sit for as long as an hour.  Then follow up with toner and hydration.

CBD Facial Elixir

I’ve found that breakout-prone skin responds really well to calming skincare products.  A soothing CBD serum or skin elixir helps soothe skin after using acne treatment cleansers or masks.  A product like this can be beneficial in promoting healthy skin.  The lightweight and calming Essential elixir can be used once or twice a day after cleanser and toner to help soothe and repair skin. 

CBD Honey

I know this CBD honey is meant to eat but I just love using this honey to create an at-home face mask.  Honey itself has been used for centuries as an all-natural remedy for skin ailments.  Skin types that are experiencing breakouts often need a mask that soothes and repairs without clogging pores.  I find that mixing CBD honey with a few ground oats and water or some mashed banana and then applying it to clean skin is a really great treatment mask.  It feels really soothing and the skin has a nice glow after!  You can check out this skin-safe, at home face mask recipe that’s up on my scrubmesecrets blog.  

CBD for Red and Sensitive Skin

These skin care tips are for mildly sensitive and redness-prone skin types.  Consult your dermatologist or doctor when experiencing extreme skin sensitivities.

CBD Facial Cleanser

Just like for dry skin, a creamy and calming cleanser is something I would recommend to clients of mine with sensitive skin or skin the gets red easily.  Sometimes if sensitive skin is thrown very off-balance from cleansing then the other products used won’t be able to do their job correctly.   A gentle cleanser with CBD can be helpful for keeping redness at bay as well as making sure the skin’s barrier stays healthy and balanced enough to properly react to toners and moisturizers.  Some of my clients with sensitive skin like to cleanse their faces only once a day.

Lavender CBD Bath Bomb:

This isn’t a facial product but it is so good for incorporating into your at-home body care routine if the skin on your body feels sensitive or itchy sometimes.  As a person with dry and sensitive skin, I love bath products with moisturizing properties.  Hot water in our baths pulls moisture from the skin so I like to be able to replace it with some skin nourishing oils.  A bath bomb with both soothing lavender and CBD provides so many calming benefits for the skin.  Sensitive skin will definitely be feeling better after a soak with this lavender CBD bath bomb

CBD Ointment:

Red and sensitive skin can sometimes experience small cuts, cracks, or areas or itchiness.  I have found CBD ointments to be very useful in promoting healthy and glowing skin.  A combination of skin-loving oils that provide antioxidants, minerals, and healing benefits, plus a high amount of CBD works wonders on red, sensitive, and dry areas that need extra help.  I use a CBD ointment on my hands whenever they are chapped from washing too much, it’s so great!  Use a CBD ointment like the Derma Ointment to treat any areas that need healing or relief.  This can be used daily.

Find out more about how certain skincare and other products can cause your skin to feel sensitive or off-balance in my blog post Treat and reset your sensitized skin”.

About the Author

Katherine Heinze has been a working esthetician since 2010 and started scrub me™ as a passion project in 2013. scrub me™ started as a line of body scrubs she made by hand using ingredient knowledge she had learned in esthetics school and while working in the skincare field. Katherine’s skincare and wellness blog, “scrub-me-secrets” is where she really lets her passion for skincare shine. She covers any and all skincare/wellness topics she thinks readers would want to talk about or know about. In her blog, she shares all her best knowledge, researching findings, and esthetician secrets with readers! Visit the blog now and start reading!

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