Meet the Founders

Ology Essentials was founded by Kayla Fioravanti, Haleigh Fioravanti, Keegan Fioravanti, and Jacob Waddell in Nashville, TN. Notice anything? We are a family business! And if you didn’t think it could get better than that, we are also a majority woman owned CBD company! Each founder entered the industry because they had a personal experience with hemp and hemp CBD that changed their lives for the better, and they all saw a need for quality CBD products and natural cosmetics that were fully transparent.

Kayla Fioravanti

Ology Essentials Co-Founder + Chief Formulator

Kayla Fioravanti has been a leading expert in the natural cosmetics industry for over 22 years. In 1998, she co-founded Essential Wholesale – one of the first all natural cosmetics/ingredients companies – that started out with $50 in her kitchen and grew to a multimillion dollar company (all while raising her 3 kids). In fact, Kayla raised her own CEO, Keegan Fioravanti. As Ology’s Chief Formulator, Kayla is able to combine her love for natural remedies like aromatherapy, herbal medicine and CBD with her expert knowledge as an organic/natural cosmetic formulator. Kayla is extraordinarily grateful to be on this journey with her family and loves that Ology Essentials is leading the way as a majority woman owned CBD company! Kayla is also an aromatherapist, aromatherapy educator, business consultant and an award winning author.

Keegan Fioravanti

Ology Essentials Co-Founder + CEO

Keegan made Nashville his home in 2012, and while it was a far cry from his hometown, Portland, Oregon, he saw beauty in this southern city. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, one could say Keegan was destined for this life. In fact, he co-owns Ology Essentials with his mom! Keegan started out as a hemp advocate for its uses in sustainable development, but when CBD came on the scene and changed his daily life, he knew he had to spread the good word. Together, Keegan and Kayla wrote the A Little Handbook about Addiction and The Future of Recovery that could Include Cannabis. Keegan is also the founder of Lotus Building Group, which is a sustainable construction company in Nashville, Tennessee.

Haleigh Fioravanti

Ology Essentials Co-Founder + CMO

Haleigh is a true Nashville Native – a unicorn as some would say. You can always find Haleigh bouncing from passion to passion, wholeheartedly diving into a subject and then moving on to the next (a true Aries at heart). Her background is in cultural anthropology and filmmaking, but she’s also found passion in health and sustainability. In fact, her interest in hemp was originally for it’s sustainability promises, but CBD had a life-changing impact on her anxiety, and she hasn’t looked back! Haleigh is unbelievably grateful to have the opportunity to share knowledge and offer products that have the ability to change lives. She also thinks it’s pretty rad that in an industry dominated by men, Ology Essentials is a majority woman owned CBD company!

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