Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD A hot topic of debate in the hemp CBD industry is vaping. Ology Essentials has made a firm stance to be on the right side of history of the vaping craze—so we do not sell vape products. Why? Because our lungs were not designed to process chemicals, flavoring…

CBD Buyer Beware

CBD Buyer Beware There are a few downsides to the hemp CBD industry. The most glaring and disheartening is the flood of companies wanting in the market at all costs with no regard for quality, honesty, or purity of their products. The good news is that there are countless great…

Join Us for Dry January

Join Us for Dry January Dry January started in 2013 by the UK Charity Alcohol Concern with 4000 people. In 2018 over 4 million people participated. While Dry January started in the UK it has caught on worldwide. The goal of Dry January is to help people take control of…

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