3 Extra Skin Care Steps

Two weeks ago we shared the 3 Basic Steps of Skincare. Now let’s get into the extra skin care steps that can make a difference in the health of your skin.

Extra Step One: Exfoliate your skin no more than every three to five days. Exfoliate your face and neck in circular upward gentle motions with very gentle products. Remember that you are simply exfoliating off dead skin, which takes very little pressure, so abrasive loofahs or shell powder-based exfoliants are just not necessary. You would never take a scouring pad to your fine china so please don’t do it to your far more precious face. We recommend only using natural exfoliants that use perfectly round jojoba beads and avoiding other harsh products on your facial skin.

Extra Step Two: When you apply eye cream, always use your ring finger or pinky to apply products around the delicate area of your eyes. Your pinky and ring finger are weak by nature and force you to apply gentle pressure. Eye crèmes are designed to super moisturize the finest skin on your face. Ology Essentials will be releasing a brand new Eye Cream very soon. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can be in the know when it drops.

Extra Step Three: Mask on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to renew and tighten your pores. Before you mask, it is important to cleanse and tone. Be sure to leave the mask on your face and neck for five to twenty minutes depending on the mask type. Gently and thoroughly remove the mask with warm water. And after you mask always tone and moisturize your face and neck

Formulator Tip: The best “food” to feed your skin from the outside contains essential oils, antioxidants, hemp CBD, and natural ingredients. Products containing oils like carrot, jojoba, avocado and rosehip contain naturally occurring nutritious food for your skin. Avoid applying chemicals to your skin that will inhibit your skin’s natural functions and impede your immune system. Aging is a natural process, but a healthy body and immune system will allow you to age gracefully.

Every day our skin is attacked by the sun, smoke, pollution, toxic air, and the march of time. Proper care and feeding of your skin will give your appearance a fighting chance. The skin care products that you use should be designed to feed your skin vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If you can’t decide between a natural or chemical filled product, then imagine the difference between eating fresh fruit and eating a Twinkie. Your skin hungers for the fresh fruit options in skin care; life will always be full of Twinkies.

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