Is Vaping CBD Safe?

A hot topic of debate in the hemp CBD industry – Is Vaping CBD safe? Ology Essentials has made a firm stance to be on the right side of history of the vaping craze—so we do not sell vape products.

Why? Because our lungs were not designed to process chemicals, flavoring chemicals, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, toxic chemicals used to adulterate, or lipids such as fractionated coconut oil, petroleum products, or hemp seed oil. There are some reports of hospitalizations caused by CBD vape products that actually contained synthetic marijuana also known as K2, Spice, or AK47.

Buyer be, very, aware. We have carefully searched the market for a safe vaping product. We know there are times when vaping CBD would be better than an addictive substance. While researching for our upcoming book A Little Handbook about Addiction and the Future of Recovery that could Include Cannabis and found that those trying to quit nicotine did better with the aid CBD. In our careful research we found Straight Hemp. This is the only CBD vape product that we recommend if you need to vape hemp.

What we Recommend Instead of CBD Vape Products:

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