What To Look For in a CBD Brand

There are a few downsides to the hemp CBD industry. The most glaring and disheartening is the flood of companies wanting in the market at all costs with no regard for quality, honesty, or purity of their products. So how do you know what to look for in a CBD Brand? Ology Essentials shares tips for choosing quality CBD.

The good news is that there are countless great companies who are truly passionate about hemp.

So how do you tell the difference? Look for companies that fully disclose their third party tested Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with consumers either on their websites or, even better, with a QR code on the product allows you to access the CoA of the lot you have purchased. If a company you buy or work from will not provide a CoA linked to the lot code of the product that you have purchased, it is time to dump that company and find another. Demand transparency.

There are also a lot of cheap products on the market. This can mean that it contains no CBD, it has a low dose of CBD, it is CBD from China, or the dosage is inaccurately labeled. The prices are coming down, but not to the rock bottom prices that can be found at gas stations and on some websites. A good red flag to help you avoid companies in the market that are there just to make money is if the company makes miracle claims. That is a red flag that they don’t know the basic rules of the FDA and the FTC. Claims change the intended use to a therapeutic, which makes it a drug. Brands cannot make claims to treat, prevent disease, and affect the structure or function of the body with transforming their product into a drug. This is a basic fact that businesses in the industry have the responsibility to know—and if they don’t know the basic, then what else don’t they know about safety, purity, testing, and quality?

Look No Further for Quality CBD

Ology Essentials’ CBD is organically grown, CO2 extracted and third party tested. Learn more about our mission!

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