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A Little Handbook about Addiction: and the Future of Recovery That Could Include Cannabis by Kayla Fioravanti and Keegan Fioravanti received a FIVE star review by K.C. Finn of Readers’ Favorite.

A Little Handbook About Addiction and the Future of Recovery That Could Include Cannabis is a work of non-fiction in the subgenre of self-help and advice, and was penned by author duo Kayla Fioravanti and Keegan Fioravanti. As the title suggests, this concise and helpful guide focuses on the behavioral patterns and psychological process of addiction regarding different kinds of substance abuse. The text discusses everything from alcohol abuse to different kinds of drug addictions as well as caffeine and painkiller addiction problems. What results is a comprehensive guidebook about the nature of these conditions and what can be done to open up conversations, promote honesty, and set people on the road to recovery.

Anyone who is currently suffering from, or has ever suffered from addiction is certain to resonate with the honest and compassionate work of author duo Kayla Fioravanti and Keegan Fioravanti. It really touched me that the authors themselves could be so candid about their own encounters with addiction, and as such, the narrative takes on a deeper, more personal quality alongside its professional and informative layers. The organization of the chapters is also well thought out to help readers find relevant information, and there is no air of judgment or negativity to the piece, which is highly refreshing. Overall, I would certainly recommend A Little Handbook About Addiction to any reader seeking guidance about the nature of their problems, and to friends and family members who would like to understand more about addiction from an authentic source.

By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite


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