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Found Movement Group + Ology Essentials

We are dancing with excitement to announce our affiliation with Found Movement Group.

Found Movement Group’s tagline is “immerse yourself in the passion of movement.” Yes! That speaks to our souls. The Vitality line at Ology Essentials was designed to keep your body moving–because we understand the physical and emotional importance of movement of any kind. 

When our compounder, Caiden Fioravanti, isn’t at Ology Essentials manufacturing products; she is a principal dancer at FMG. Our new Production Manager, Kelly (in character here),  was also a member of FMG. There seems to be a theme of dance that goes throughout our entire company. Our COO/CMO, Haleigh, is also a dancer and so was our sales manager, Juliana! Wait…what happened to Kayla’s ability? I guess she was saving it all up for her daughters because her childhood ballet teacher informed her mother that she would be better suited for football. We can’t all be dancers, but we can all appreciate dance and movement. 

During one of the many very long rehearsal sessions that FMG holds at TMProductions, Caiden brought along some Ology Essentials samples to give away. That gave Stacie, the Executive Director of Found Movement Group, the idea to start selling our products. If any body needs the Vitality line it is the body of a dancer. Our chiropractor often shakes his head in awe at the wear and tear that dance takes on the human body–even more than most of the traditional sports athletes that he treats. 

We are especially excited about our affiliation with Found Movement Group because of the impact Stacie makes in so many dancers’ lives in our community. We have had a front row seat to witness how she pours herself into young dancers with Found Movement Youth, mentorship, scholarships, training programs, performances, and by creating opportunities out of thin air. She is a creative genius with a passion for dance that extends beyond the art and into the very essence of the dancer. 

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We were thrilled when Stacie told us that she wanted to hire photographer Kailey Sanchez  for a photoshoot with her dancers and our products. You will be seeing Kailey’s  gifted photography all over our social media in the coming months. She beautifully captured the connection between Ology Essentials’ products and the movement of the human body. The genius of the collaboration between our three organizations defied expectations. 

We think you will love Stacie as much as we do so we wanted to share her artist statement as a way to get to know her just a little bit better. 

“Movement found me. I have a passion to move, teach, and create experiences that will deeply impact each individual. I wish for my work to have a lasting impression that will linger in the minds and hearts of spectators. I want to inspire thought, motivation, and awareness among my audience members. In teaching, my goal is to prove to the movers that they can. I do not allow for the “cannots,” but help find the “maybe ifs.” Since movement is life, I teach and create from this concept. I believe that age does not determine the significance of life experiences; we all evolve in different ways and in varied timelines. I want to challenge the artists with whom I surround myself to achieve purposeful physicality and to be able to access emotional intent from the depths of their beings.

I do not want to be known as a person but as a wake that is left behind. I lead and create with the influence of honesty and artistry. I fully invest in my projects. One of my mentors, Peggy Hackney, said ‘without change there is no movement.’ I have embraced that change is constant and so I am always assessing and asking ‘how can I make it better and where is there room for change?’”

Yes–to leaving a wake!

Keep Moving & Grooving with Our Vitality Line

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