We Have Partnered With Leaf411

The First Cannabis Nurse Hotline

Haven’t heard of Leaf411? Don’t worry – we’re about to tell you all about the amazing things they are doing in the hemp industry!

Leaf411's Mission

“To provide education and directional support to the general public about the safe and effective use of legal cannabis (marijuana and CBD hemp) via their free national hotline. Their team of cannabis trained Registered Nurses are passionate about helping our community access evidence-based information so our public can make an informed decision about their healthcare.”

Leaf411's Vision

“Leaf411’s vision is to tackle healthcare inequality by providing cannabis education to the consumer at no cost. Leaf411 was built on the belief that affordability and accessibility to professional medical advice should never be barriers to using cannabis safely and effectively. To further this vision, Leaf411 has created additional programs focused on community education and product affordability, creating partnerships that connect cannabis industry leaders and diverse community organizations across the country for social good.”

Ology Essentials + Leaf411

Why are we excited to be members? Because we believe information is power. The nurses at Leaf411 can speak to you about cannabis from a medical perspective specifically covering your needs. We believe in getting expert advice for your medical needs from nurses with years of experience. 

We believe so strongly in providing you with good medical advice when choosing the right hemp CBD product for your needs that we have partnered with Leaf411 to provide our customers with a free nurse consultation. Ology Essentials is a vetted partner with Leaf411. If you have questions about your medical condition and would like to get advice our partnership gives us the opportunity to provide a free nurse consultation to choose the right Ology Essentials Hemp CBD product for your needs. Just contact us at hello@ologyessentials.com here for your free code.

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