Cycle Syncing & How It Can Benefit You

About the Author: Kela SmithKela has an extensive background as a professional fitness trainer, wellness educator, and author.  To date, she has published two books: The Complete Hormone Puzzle Cookbook and The Hormone Puzzle Method for solving infertility, as well as an online course with the same name.  Kela also…

Terpene Spotlight: Linalool

Terpene Highlight: Linalool "It's definitely safe to say that linalool is my favorite terpene." - Kayla Fioravanti Founder + Chief Formulator at Ology Essentials For those that need a terpene refresher... The cannabis plant is not only rich with phytocannabinoids, but also terpenes. The terpenes in cannabis are responsible for…

Hemp CBD Fudge

Hemp CBD Fudge Sometimes you get tired of putting CBD oil under your tongue...we get it! Ology Essentials is on a mission to bring you new and exciting ways to use Hemp CBD Oil. We love incorporating CBD in our daily routine in unique ways...whether it be with honey, cocktails,…

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