About Ology Essentials

We love research and studying so much—we put it in our name! We take our name very seriously as a research driven brand of high quality hemp products. At Ology Essentials, we are committed to raising awareness about the science and the astounding benefits of CBD oil. We will provide the science, you will reap the benefits.
Our team of farmers, chemists, and aromatherapists are all experts in their fields. Our hemp farmers pride themselves in their hemp strains, and our chemists have been leading experts in the natural industry for over 20 years. Ology Essentials is honored to be one of the leading CBD companies in Tennessee.
And if you thought things couldn’t get any better, Ology Essentials is proud to be a majority woman owned and woman operated CBD company in Nashville, Tennessee.

Quality. Sustainability. Innovation.

Quality, sustainability, and innovation are the most important values we have at Ology Essentials. We strive to bring our community the knowledge necessary to be conscious consumers.  From seed to lab, you can rest assured that our products have been grown with love and manufactured with the utmost care.

the origin story

Ology Essentials was founded by Kayla Fioravanti, Haleigh Fioravanti, Keegan Fioravanti, and Jacob Waddell in Nashville, TN. Notice anything? We are a family business! And it all started when Keegan urged his mom, Kayla, to try CBD.
Kayla Fioravanti  has always had a deep and abiding passion for aromatherapy and natural personal care products. In 1998, Kayla co-founded Essential Wholesale, which was listed as an INC. Magazine 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for three years in a row. So when Keegan was recommending CBD oil, she was a little hesitant – thinking she had already seen every natural remedy under the sun – but when CBD changed her life, she knew it was going to be a revolutionary product.
Before Keegan had heard of CBD oil, he was an avid supporter of hemp for sustainability reasons. In fact, he co-founded a sustainable development company with his wife, Haleigh Fioravanti. (Are you seeing the family connection now?) Their goal was to incorporate hemp for building materials, but when CBD came on the scene and started changing lives, they switched gears.
Kayla, Keegan, and Haleigh met Mr. Jacob Waddell at the Tennessee Hemp Industries Association.  At the time, Jacob was using his expertise in material sciences to experiment with hempcrete. He was a vital source of knowledge and experience, so he was snatched up immediately.
The Ology team has since grown from 4 founding members to a team/family of eight dedicated hempsters. Each member has their own personal story with hemp CBD and are wholeheartedly devoted to the growth of the hemp industry.

Meet Our Team

We’re more than a business – we are a family. And you won’t find a group more devoted to raising awareness about this miracle plant than these hempsters right here.

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