You’re Fired!


You’re fired! Those are two words that you do not want to hear. So let’s talk THC to make sure you make the right buying decisions when it comes to Hemp CBD. Hemp CBD by legal definition can contain 0.3% or less THC as measured in the dried flowering portion of the plant. Drug tests for marijuana are pass/fail for the presence of THC. Since hemp CBD does contain 0.3% or less of THC you can, and most likely will, fail a drug test.

If drug screening is part of your job requirements you should be using a THC free version of Hemp CBD. When shopping for Hemp CBD if the packaging says, “Full Spectrum” that means that the product does contain 0.3% or less of THC. If the product says, “THC-free” that means that the material was further purified to remove the THC. What do you do if the product doesn’t disclose whether it is THC-free or Full Spectrum? We suggest picking up another brand. This is basic information that should be fully disclosed.

We feel strongly that Hemp CBD should be available for anyone to use. That is why we have THC-free products, do not extract into alcohol and use the shelf stable fractionated coconut oil as our base. You can find out more about our commitment to safety, quality and stability in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ.)

Some employers don’t have a problem with hemp CBD and others will fire you over a positive drug screen. Make sure you know the standards for your company and/or use THC-free Hemp CBD products. People have, and will continue to be, fired. Be in the know. Protect your job while still using Hemp CBD.

In a story that hit the news in Tennessee a woman took a drug test for a job promotion. Instead of being promoted, she was fired. We want you to be in control and make informed decisions about taking Hemp CBD. We created three versions of THC-free Hemp CBD including an unflavored THC-free in both in 1500 mg/30 mL and 750 mg/15 mL products and our Morning Blend and Evening Blend with Mushrooms.

Angela Buckley of Creatively Efficient shared some valuable information with us when we shared this blog post on Facebook, “This fact is very important to understand. Many manufacturing type facilities get insurance discounts for being drug-free and pursuing regular testing of employees. Other organizations, such as explosion zones, are required by federal law to participate in a random testing protocol of all of their employees. Some of these tests are hair tests, accident protocols require urine testing. Understanding this fact will also let you understand that there is no negotiation available with the employer. They are generally governed by their contracts and the law.”


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