Who is Kayla Fioravanti

You may wonder who the heck this Kayla Fioravanti is that owns Ology Essentials and is the NAHA approved educator for the Ology Essentials Aromatherapy Certification Program. Let me introduce myself.

I am an accidental aromatherapist. I discovered essential oils when all else had failed when my son got ringworm in 1998. We had tried over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and prescriptions to clear it up, but it kept growing. Since I was partly raised while living overseas, I had learned to go to the apothecary to find natural cures. So, I headed to the tiny, local health food store, which was the closest thing I could find to an apothecary in the small Oklahoma town I was living in at the time. The store clerk had nothing to do but stand in the book aisle and read books with me in search of a natural remedy. Everything we read pointed to tea tree essential oil as the cure to ringworm.

At that time, our family was on a very tight student budget, so I bought the smallest bottle of tea tree essential oil available and headed home to see if my eleven-dollar investment would work. Much to my surprise, within three days the ringworm was completely gone. In addition, I had expected the tea tree to cause allergic reactions in me because I am allergic to fragrances, but I had no problems. Because of that combination of events, I became very intrigued about this thing called aromatherapy.

Before that encounter with tea tree essential oil, I had always just assumed that aromatherapy was one of the foo-foo fluffery esoteric things out there in the market. When I thought of aromatherapy, I envisioned the incense burners that make me take the long way around the hippy haven stores that line Hawthorne Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

With my new found interest in the healing benefits of essential oils, I went to the local library and checked out every book they had on aromatherapy. After I read those, I put in a request for all the aromatherapy books available in the state to be sent to my local library. Once I started digging into the science of essential oils, I was fully addicted to learning. In 1998 I started researching and studying to become a certified aromatherapist. I have been in love with, intrigued by and in awe of the power of essential oils ever since.

Because I am obsessive in my research, I even borrowed books that were not available in the library from a friend who was in a multi-level essential oil company. I read each book from cover to cover, but I could not ignore the fact that the methods of application, not only conflicted with all the other books—but literally seemed to spit in the face of every bit of safety advice of the other authors from Germany, England, France and the United States.

Passion often turns into the fuel for a start-up business. My husband and I founded Essential Wholesale Labs with a $50 investment and sold it for much more in 2011. I worked in in the aromatherapy industry as a buyer, supplier, manufacturer, aromatherapist, perfumer and educator. In 2011 I published the book The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy: Your Essential Oil & Entrepreneurship Guide. And in 2018 I launched the Ology Essentials Aromatherapy Certification Program as an approved educator for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists.

In all those years I never said a word about my fundamental disagreement with what the popular essential oil multi-level companies were teaching. And then one day, when a friend was advised by a representative to give their young son undiluted vetiver essential oil to drink—I broke my silence with a blog post that went viral teaching the safety rules that the multi-levels were not teaching. I could no longer silently co-exist while people were injured all around me due to unsafe practices. In some ways this made me public enemy number one of multi-level representatives and in other ways it helped others find the truth about safety. Winston S. Churchill said it best, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” I have stood for truth, safety, fluffery-free education and pure unadulterated essential oils.

That blog post, in 2014, still attracts countless readers, and, as a result, my inbox continues to be full of emails from injured people. The worst are the panicked parents seeking advice when their two-year-old is screaming in pain in the middle of the night with welts forming where they applied undiluted essential oils on their children at the advice of their upline. Calls to the upline were answered with the detox theory.

Essential oils, when used properly, are amazing and wonderful. I want everyone to be able to use essential oils for a lifetime. I cannot imagine my life without them. I sincerely want the same for others. In the Fact or Fiction series on Ology Essentials I hope to shine a light onto the myths, half-truths and outright unsafe teachings. I am also the co-author of The Unspoken Truth About Essential Oils; Lessons Learned, Wisdom Gained with Stacey Haluka which is coming out in May 2018. And Understanding Essential Oils: Tried & True Aromatherapy Facts coming out in the summer of 2018.

Love me or hate me, you can follow my writings on KaylaFioravanti.com, Hemp-Ology.com and of course here at Ology Essentials’ blog.

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