Essential Oil of Laurel Leaf


15 ml (0.5 ounce)

Laurel Leaf (also known as Bay Laurel) is one of my go-to essential oils. According to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, “Its positive effects on the lymphatic system are undeniable. Rubbing a few drops of Bay Laurel on swollen lymph nodes will produce an immediately noticeable relieving effect.” I always carry it with me when I travel.

Latin Name: Laurus nobilis
Source: Crete
Note: Top
Method: Steam Distilled

Ology Essential carries only pure unadulterated essential oils. Ology Essentials products are GC/MS analyzed by Applied Essential Oil Research for quality assurance. All essential oils meet strict odor and analytical requirements.


CAUTION: Do not use essential oils undiluted. Do not consume essential oils. No matter what the brand is, internal use is not safe without being under the care of a practitioner trained in Aromamedicine and the use of an aromatogram. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or have a medical condition consult your physician before using.

Special Precautions & Warnings: Avoid overuse because it has a narcotic-like effect.

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