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a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil & Serums

Produced From Organic Kentucky Hemp

Let's Talk Science

At Ology Essentials we take our name seriously as a research driven brand of high quality hemp & aromatherapy products, a fluffery-free aromatherapy certification program, and honest custom formulating services.

Ology offers the highest quality essential oils sourced directly from the country of origin and blends handcrafted for all of your needs. Contact us for custom blending.

Hemp CBD

Ology is hear to combat the stigma that comes with hemp products. Hemp is the most misunderstood plant & we are hear to talk about the astounding benefits it offers.


The Ology Essentials Institute offers an online self-paced Aromatherapy Certification Program that covers accurate world history of aromatics, botany, chemistry, safety and much more!

Hemp CBD 101

Hemp is a sustainability wonder crop, and yet there is still a certain stigma attached to it. Ology Essentials was created to educate and provide our local and global community with knowledge and products that combat this stigma. Check out our resources page dedicated Hemp and Hemp CBD!

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