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Dry January started in 2013 by the UK Charity Alcohol Concern with 4000 people. In 2018 over 4 million people participated. While Dry January started in the UK it has caught on worldwide. The goal of Dry January is to help people take control of their relationship with alcohol. Dry January encourages you to “ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline, and save some serious money by giving up alcohol for 31 days.” Why do Dry January?  Alcohol Change found that among the participants 88% saved money, 71% had better sleep, 67% had more energy, and 58% lost weight.

Keegan and I wrote A Little Handbook about Addiction: and the Future of Recovery that Could Include Cannabis to start the conversation about addiction and substance abuse and how hemp CBD may play a role in the future of treatment options. The use of hemp CBD for addiction is an emerging field. In Chapter 5 of A Little Handbook about Addiction is about alcohol and the use hemp CBD to cut back or quit drinking.

Join the challenge here. You can also check your drinking here with a quick quiz. If you want to find more support for Dry January we recommend the book This Naked Mind, which is full of information that will help change your beliefs and ideas about alcohol.

Annie Grace wrote in This Naked Mind, “Since alcohol takes up to ten days to leave your body, the lows can be ever-present for regular drinkers. It is not that alcohol makes you happy. It’s that as a drinker, you are unhappy when you are unable to drink. Scratching an itch is pleasurable, but you would never purposely sit in poison ivy just to scratch your ass. This is a key to all drug addiction—the drug creates the low and then deceives its victim into believing that, by ending the low, it is providing a high. That’s how drugs work, and the further they take you down, the greater your perceived need becomes. With alcohol it can be so gradual you barely notice you are falling. As you drink, your tolerance grows, and soon you need to drink more to get the same effects. It can happen quickly, but often it happens slowly, over a lifetime.”



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