Terms of Use

  1. Don’t make medical claims online or in printed material. The FDA is very strict and other Hemp CBD companies have already had their hands slapped. If you want to represent us, then we ask that you adhere to federal regulations. Also claims by influencers can be deemed unfair or deceptive acts that affect commerce by the FTC. Please refrain from making claims even if they true. We have many resources available in our Hemp CBD Blog and our FAQ.
  2. Please be kind on social media. We don’t want to be associated with anyone who blasts other companies or attacks other commenters.
  3. Treat every customer with respect. We know the customer isn’t always right, but they are always valuable, should be heard and treated kindly.
  4. Affiliate referrals cannot be used for wholesale accounts.
  5. Affiliates must adhere to safe essential oil standards when recommending or referring to our essential oils. Do not advise customers to consume essential oils or use them undiluted. To find resources for safe essential oil use please refer to our Aromatherapy Blog.
  6. Disclose on your website that you use affiliate links in compliance with the FTC and GDPR. If you haven’t already made your website General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant, now would be the time. According to the EU all websites must be GDPR compliant (even if you don’t sell in the EU). The FTC also requires that your affiliate relationship must be disclosed to the consumer in a clear and conspicuous way.

Here are the standards according to the FTC:

  • Prominence — Is the disclosure big enough for consumers to read easily?
  • Presentation — Is the disclosure worded in a way that consumers can easily understand?
  • Placement — Geography matters. Is the disclosure where consumers are likely to look?
  • Proximity — Is the disclosure close to the claim it modifies?

Ology Essentials reserves the right to terminate an affiliate if an of the terms of use are broken.

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